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General Policies at NoPayClassifieds.com

After you have written and placed your ad within NoPayClassifieds.com's classified section(s), you are responsible for all mistakes within your ad(s). We limit our liability in this way, and we do not accept liability for any other damages which may result from error or omission in or of an ad. The advertiser, and not www.NoPayClassifieds.com, is responsible for the truthful content of the ad and insuring false statements are not disseminated. Also, the advertiser will have the duty to investigate and verify the legality of all advertisements they place and the property and services listed.

All basic classified ads and want ads containing up to 150 words of text and space for six (6) color photos are FREE within www.NoPayClassifieds.com.

DURATION OF FREE CLASSIFIED AD AND WANT AD: Your FREE classified ad or want ad submission will be limited to forty-five (45) days! If you want to run your ad(s) more than once you must resubmit it every forty-five (45) days.

COMPLYING WITH ALL LAWS: The advertiser shall fully comply with all applicable international, Country, Federal, State, and local laws and regulations during the use of NoPayClassifieds.com and assume liability for all claims and liability arising out of the use of this website, fully indemnifying NoPayClassifieds.com and John Gregory Lambros against all damages, attorney fees, and out-of-pocket costs incurred due to the advertiser's ad(s). Any lawsuits by the advertiser or anyone else over the use of NoPayClassifieds.com will only be filed within the venues of the State of Minnesota, USA and/or the United States Federal Court for the District of Minnesota, USA. John Gregory Lambros, the founder of NoPayClassifieds.com is a resident of the State of Minnesota, USA.


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