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IMPORTANT TIP: If you are unhappy with your wireless provider, you may be able to avoid paying hefty fees to break free from your contract by meeting other people who want to buy, sell, or swap a cell phone contract. Please note that if you want to transfer your account, however, you must call your carrier and make the request to transfer your phone and contract to someone else. Carriers usually go along because, although they lose one customer, they get another, and the contract is ultimately honored.

Sellers of contracts who want to make their sale quickly tend to sweeten the deal by throwing in the old phone or by offering a cash incentive. If the seller doesn't include the old phone in the exchange, buyers must purchase their own to match the new service, with no carrier subsidy. Still, sellers and swappers tend to come out ahead since their final costs are often far below the termination fees, which can be as high as $250.00. GOOD LUCK!!!!

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